Lesson Observation Today!

It has been a while but today I was observed by my headteacher and the chair of the governors. So I decided to see what they would make of Flickr notes.

We have been looking at Goodnight Mister Tom and I decided I would setup an image of different objects that represented parts of the story. My learning objective for my literacy was:

To recap on the main events and characters of the story.

Here is the image.

I then showed the children the objectives which I had added into notes and a short explanation of the activity. I gave the children 2 minutes to talk to their neighbour on the carpet about what they could see and then I asked the individual children to come up and add a note to an object and explain what relevance it had.

The simplicity of the tool worked extremely well and the children had no trouble adding it to the correct part of the image using the SMARTBoard, I then scribed what it was.

After covering all of the objects I revisited our objective and scrolled over the notes we made and summarised our work together. It was a very successful recapping method which, where appropriate, I will use again in the future.

I have also just discovered how to add links within the notes so that the image becomes quite interactive – you can link to other photos, so you could zoom in to the image to look at closer detail or you can navigate out to a website with information about the subject of the note.

4 thoughts on “Lesson Observation Today!

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  2. Hi Tom,
    Very cool, flying without a safety belt. A great example beautifully tied into classroom practice.

  3. So the students just took it in their stride. How did the head teacher and chair of the governors react? Did they offer a pay rise for your great work. Sadly, I doubt it …