Making the most of web 2.0

Our ability to connect has obviously greatly improved since the advent of this 2nd evolutionary web. The walls of all our classrooms have begun to tumble and we look further outward, the earth as they say has become flat.

So last week we made the most of our new links with schools in other countries. We completed a piece of writing together about “How to add a comment on a blog”. Our work in my Year 6 class was carefully planned with Jamie Wahab of the Good Shepherd School in Plumpton, Sydney, Australia – kindly assisted by Judy O’Connell. The work we have collaborated on in the past has often been ad hoc – so I was pleased to see how a more planned approach would work.

As we had planned to write on the class blog together and publish not only our notes but the final piece of writing, there was a greater focus on the literacy and writing involved. The blogging became part of the normal lesson and not a lesson in itself. The technology disappeared. For a while anyway 🙂 Jamie ran into problems with WordPress and Learnerblogs and an issue with our class blog’s comments emerged from the week (which is yet to be solved)

Nonetheless I suppose there is an important question of whether or not the blogging and links with other schools added value to the week’s work in class?

I think that it undoubtedly did. 100%. As I had planned, we drew attention to the connection we were going to make with teachers and children in Australia (Audience) and how we were writing specifically to help them (Purpose).

I am looking forward to sharing more of our class work with other schools in the future.

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