100 Interesting Ways

In November 2007 I began the first of a series of Google presentations gathering together some ideas about the uses of different tools for the classroom. I thought that the easy manner of sharing Google Docs was ideal to collate thoughts, tips and suggestions from teachers and educators all over the world.

I began with interesting ways to use the interactive whiteboard and the family has since grown to include, tips for Google Earth, Google Docs and the most recent Pocket Video Cameras. It has been great to watch them evolve as people get in touch and I add them to the document and they make their own edits.

Here is the family photo 🙂

My intention from the beginning was that there should be many authors of the presentations and that teachers and school staff could happily take the resource and share it with their colleagues. As it is in a simple presentation format it seems to have been successful in doing that.

In total we have collated 100 101 suggestions, tips and ideas for the classroom! (I can’t type quick enough and people keep adding more ideas!) It is fantastic to be part of that collaborative effort to share what we do.

The most recent on pocket video cameras seems to have really hit a rich vein of classroom ideas – so far 29 ideas have been shared by people all over the world and I only started it 3 days ago. I haven’t had chance to add an idea myself yet! Perhaps this wealth of ideas illustrates the power and potential of video in the classroom – which isn’t particularly new but pocket video cameras give us, and the children we work with, much easier access.

Who knows what the next 100 ideas will be about but I hope that you can be part of it – please take some time to take a look through some of them above, let me know if you have used the presentations with your staff. If you want to add an idea to any of the above presentations just let me know your email address and I will add you as an editor.

29 thoughts on “100 Interesting Ways

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  2. fantastic! Loving the pocket video camera and googledocs ideas in particular. thanks for all your work on this 🙂

  3. Your idea for sharing has been very helpful! I am passing on your sites as a part of my technology staff development class.

  4. These are so wonderful! I am going to share with my staff and fellow tech colleagues! thanks for gathering all of these!

  5. Cheers mate!
    Will spread the word in Sweden, great idea and very useful tips!


  6. Great work Tom, and great ideas everyone.

    These are excellent examples of using the Internet to collaborate with colleagues all over the world.

  7. This arrived at the perfect time for me! I was planning a meeting for our 10 assistant teachers and wanted them to brainstorm ways to use a video camera in the classroom and then each try one. Now I can do that and show the slideshow!

  8. Thanks for all of your comments and support for these resources – make sure you take a look at Doug Belshaw’s Using NetBooks in the classroom presentation too! (See comment above)

    Joe Rowing has begun one too on uses of webcams in the classroom.

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  10. Wow
    These are fantastic. I hope you don’t mind me sharing the flip video one at my blog and pointing people back this way.

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  12. Thanks for sharing these Tom! I am certainly going to use them in my Google workshops that I am giving right now! Wonderful and informative!
    ~Karen Kliegman
    GCT NYC 08

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  19. Thanks for sharing all these ideas. They are great examples of what can be done to engage students in their learning. I am going to share with the teaching staff in my school. I am always trying to give them example of ideas that work in the classroom.

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  23. Hi~
    Thanks for your sharing , I like & appreciate your articles(although my english is so poor).
    i ‘m in Taiwan , being a tainer for some enterprises
    I always learn ICT using in my teaching , so it’s nice to know you
    I share your blog & documents in mine , if not good , please let me know
    Thanks a lot !

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