7 New “Interesting Ways to Use” Resources

With the half term break upon us here I wanted to introduce some new members of the “Interesting Ways to Use…” family. In addition to the usual types of tech topics I have decided to start some resources that are not technology specific in a hope to widen the relevance.

One is to Support Writing which is fairly obvious and the other is to¬†Make your Classroom a Sparkly Place to Learn which will be a place to share ideas for creating an enriching and vibrant classroom environment – types of displays, resources, organisation etc. We all want our rooms to sparkle so let’s share our ideas and help each other.

They all start at zero remember and they need you to contribute your ideas. All of your ideas are welcome, grand or small, they can be things you have been doing for years or just solid ideas you think could have an impact.

Remember One Idea, One Slide, One Image.

If you would like to help just email me or send me a Direct Message on Twitter with your own email address, and I will add you as an editor to the presentations.

3 thoughts on “7 New “Interesting Ways to Use” Resources

  1. I’ve added to a few in the past. I think these presentations are a fantastic way to share the knowledge we have. Thanks for starting the new presentations.

  2. Although many of us are ‘quiet observers’ we appreciate you sharing your ideas.
    Many – many – thanks:)

  3. Hi Tom, I am using Wallwisher to create a suggestion box in the Library for students to write books they would like us to purchase or to give other ideas. I have a monitor set up at the circulation desk with a keyboard and students can then place a sticky note on the wall. I have only just started and the address for mine is: