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I hope you find something interesting to read here on my blog – if you would like to get in touch more directly please use one of the following…

I am thomasgeorgebarrett [at]

or you can use this handy form right here –


If you cannot wait to speak to me and need to hear my voice right away you may be able to reach me via Skype. I am tbarrett

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  1. Hi Tom Thanks for today at your school. now I want to get cracking on this and get blogging. Any tutorials?

    John SLICT

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  3. Hi Tom
    I am getting blogging going at my school in Manchester and would really appreciate some feedback if you have a moment. We are getting lots of traffic when I plug the blog, and our kids are using it very heavily (40+comments yesterday) but I want the kids to start generating the traffic. Any ideas?

    You can see our blog here:

    Jack Sloan

  4. Hallo my name is christine. I am the owner of the website it offers online help for students in germany.
    There are a lot of documents for all typs of school. You can download it as a word documnet (for teachers) or as a PDF-file (most for privat users because I take a lot of school-fonts). Becaus there is a lot of traffic for downloading, I require a yearly fee of 29,– euros. You can download so often you want documents. Greetings from n├╝rnberg

  5. Hi there Tom
    This is richard hainsworth from sydney australia. my year 9 class is investigating the possibilities of gaming online through the use of nintendo wii. It is hoped that through this technology, gaming with other students from around the world will develop communications skills and global communities. If you or you know of any school or college interested? please email me. We are after 10 schools from 10 different continents.

    Brigidine College Randwick

  6. Hi Tom,

    I just wanted to let you know that you are being featured on the brand-new communities section of as our blog of the week, due to your interesting insights into using the SMART Table.

    We’ve updated the communities section to let users find the best SMART and interactive technology content on the web. We’ve also launched the SMART Exchange UK site, which is a completely free forum-based resource centre and community network that provides a wealth of resources for technology-enabled learning.

    If you get a chance please sign up and start writing some posts! We’d love to get your input. It only takes a minute and it’s completely free!

  7. I am a teacher of primary interested in the stories, the writing and the technology.
    It is a pleasure to read your post. Thank you from Galicia, Spain!

  8. Hey great blog – I check it out everyday.

    saw that you are now on google wave! super cool.

    any chance you can invite me as well?

    I would appreciate it,


  9. Tom,
    I am researching information to update a course at Beacon Educator:

    I would like to add a link from the course, Enhancing the Classroom with Technology, to your google doc, Ways to use Google Earth. It is an excellent example of the use of google docs for collaboration – and of course, good examples of uses for Google Earth.

    I’m just beginning work on the course, so it won’t be updated for several months, but the content and links on it should remain active for a year or more from when it goes active. Would you mind if I link to your google doc and will the link to Ways to Use Google Earth remain active? Do you at some point remove or “unshare” docs, that would result in an invalid/broken link — or will the google doc remaining live and shared with everyone?

    Thank-you for your continued help and contributions,

  10. ICT learning is handy with OHP’s – technology in classes (PTLLS) should be extended across the board.

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